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Simar Kapoor

Founder & Managing Director

I embarked on my career in July 2020 by spearheading the health and hygiene vertical for JSG Group. Shortly after, I pursued my education at the University of Michigan in the United States, where I attended morning classes while dedicating my evenings to building the export vertical for JSG. By the time I completed my degree in July 2022, the export vertical had become a significant contributor, generating over 10% of the company’s revenue. Our clients ranged from major auto aftermarket brands to renowned retailers like Walmart and Target.

During my time in the United States, I gained valuable experience through multiple summer internships and full-time positions with late-stage startups, venture capital firms, and private equity funds. These opportunities broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of the industry.

In December 2022, I returned to India, just before concluding my journey with JSG Group. Since then, I have been instrumental in establishing JS4 Alliance, our family office, where I proudly represent the third generation. As the head of strategic investments and corporate development, my focus is on identifying and nurturing new ventures in India and abroad.

I am actively engaged in setting up innovative greenfield projects, aiming to make a positive impact in the industry and contribute to our company’s continued success.”

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